"Can you help me to pay no tax at all?"

Looking back at conversations with two clients last week, our blog looks at what we can do to help our clients


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9/5/20233 min read

When we told each of them that no, the work was considered neither tax avoidance nor tax evasion and that the reason for them paying less tax than they thought was due to our using our experience and knowledge of what can be done while “following the rules”, we received two very different reactions.

The first client was really happy and couldn’t tell us enough how determined she was to do things by the book and pay what she needed to. She was terrified of even slightly stretching a boundary and being seen as a "rogue" in HMRC's view.

The second client however asked us questions along the lines of “Can you do something like that so I don’t have to pay tax? How much do you charge for that type of thing? Can you hide things so the taxman doesn’t find out?”

“Is the work that you’ve done for me considered to be tax avoidance or tax evasion?”

Two different clients asked the same question of us earlier in the week after the work that we completed for them reduced their tax liability from the amount which they initially thought they would have to pay.

We have to admit that we were a little taken aback. With our Managing Partner, Charles Tateson, having worked in Compliance and Fraud Investigation within HMRC for 20 years before his current role it still shocks us when someone asks outright if we can help them to go down such a path.

Our professional reputation dictates that we don’t enter into such arrangements with our clients. We want each client to be confident that should HMRC ever ask questions of the work that we do for them, then the answers will put the client on the right side of the line in terms of their behaviours.

Our Managing Partner also took the step of taking out practice-wide HMRC fee protection insurance to cover each and every client who engages us to assist them. Should they ever get that dreaded enquiry letter dropping through the letterbox, we don’t want the stress of additional fees to add to the worry of any questions from HMRC.

So, if you want to look at avoidance schemes or evade tax altogether, we’re probably not the right people for you. However, if you want high quality customer service from experienced tax professionals without the worry of more bills coming your way should HMRC pick you for their enquires, we think you’re in safe hands with us.

Sometimes our work will result in you paying no tax at all. Sometimes you will pay less tax than you thought. Our role is to ensure that all options are considered so that you pay the right amount of tax at the right time, but also to reduce this tax liability to the lowest amount possible - all within the boundaries set by statute.

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