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Are you looking for advice on Capital Gains Tax when gifting or giving away an asset?

It is often overlooked that when giving away, or "gifting" an asset, there is a potential that this may cause a Capital Gains Tax ("CGT") liability to become due.

This may be the case even when no money or any other consideration at all is received in exchange for the asset, meaning that while you don't receive anything in exchange for the asset that you gave away, you still have CGT to pay.

The good news is that, here at The Tax Faculty LLP, we are experts in helping those clients who wish to give away an asset - perhaps as part of planning for the future, or to help a family member or loved one.

If you are looking to gift an asset, then we can help you to make sure that any CGT that you may be liable to pay is reduced to the lowest possible amount - all within the legislation available.

We have experience of a number of clients who have contacted us recently as part of the process of gifting a property to a family member.

Once we had taken all of the information and worked through the required CGT computations, we were able to use our extensive experience and expertise to make sure that the correct treatment was followed for CGT purposes, as well as assisting with further tax planning for the family so that they were as tax efficient as possible.

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Our Services

With HMRC changing the rules on reporting and paying Capital Gains Tax on residential property, we can help you to get things right.

We have extensive experience in reducing the Capital Gains Tax due on the sale of UK property and land for non-UK residents.

When you come to sell an asset that was inherited or received as a gift, there may be complex Capital Gains Tax issues to consider.

When assets are split or sold as the result of separation or divorce, there are specific Capital Gains Tax rules that must be considered.

If you give an asset to a family member or friend, there may be Capital Gains Tax consequences. See how we can help you in such a situation.

When selling an asset, there are a number of reliefs available which may reduce, exempt or delay the Capital Gains Tax due.

"Tax doesn't have to be taxing" - but it often is. We can help to solve even the most complex issues.

Over the last few years, HMRC have changed the rules for reporting Capital Gains and the Capital Gains Tax due as a result of the disposal of residential properties.

Now you must file a Capital Gains Tax Return to HMRC within 60 days of the disposal of the asset, whereas before you would have been able to wait until it was time to file a Self Assessment Tax Return for the tax year in which the disposal was made.

Should you fail to report the disposal to HMRC and pay the Capital Gains Tax due as a result of the disposal within the new 60 day time limit, you may face a financial penalty.

HMRC's own website states that:

"If you sold your property after 6 April 2020 you must report and pay Capital Gains Tax within 60 days of selling property in the UK.

You may have to pay interest and a penalty if you do not report gains on property within the time limit."

Here at The Tax Faculty, our experts are here to help to ensure that you are in a position to report the correct Capital Gain to HMRC and pay the Capital Gains Tax due at the appropriate time.

We offer a full Capital Gains Tax service which includes our full consideration of the reliefs available to reduce the potential Capital Gains Tax to the minimum level possible, while remaining within the letter of the law governing such disposals.

This isn't limited to property transactions either, we also provide a full Capital Gains Tax service on the disposal of shares and other assets.

We have a proven history of reducing the final Capital Gains Tax due for our clients by considering all relevant facts and information provided to ensure that we are in a position to accurately advise on the most cost effective way of reporting the Capital Gain to HMRC.

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Our Promise - Computations in 24 Hours

The Tax Faculty 24 Hour Guarantee

We know that any tax issues are worrying for our clients, that's why we guarantee to provide you with an initial Capital Gains Computation within 24 hours of your providing us with the information that we require.

In addition, we use all our experience and expertise to ensure that you pay as little tax as possible, all while staying within the boundaries of tax law.

Our Managing Partner worked as a Senior Tax Professional within the Capital Gains Tax team in HMRC, giving us an unparalleled level of experience to help our clients reduce their tax bills when they sell property or shares.

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