Capital Gains Tax on Divorce: Property Sales and Transfers

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Are you looking for advice on Capital Gains Tax when selling or transferring an asset during the course of separation or divorce?

The end of a marriage or civil partnership can be a very stressful time without worrying about the tax implications of such a separation.

With everything else that needs to be considered, Capital Gains Tax ("CGT") is often overlooked when assets that were once jointly owned, or owned solely by one person or the other, are sold or transferred as a result of divorce or separation.

There are a great many scenarios where a seemingly equitable division of assets may prove not to be so equal after one party or the other discovers that they have a large CGT liability as the result of the sale or transfer of assets.

The good news is that, here at The Tax Faculty LLP, we are experts in helping those clients who are going through such a situation. Our CGT Advisory Reports have proved invaluable to clients who require assistance in calculating the CGT liability that results from the sale or transfer of assets.

If you are going through a separation or divorce proceedings which also involves the sale or transfer of assets, then we can help you to make sure that any CGT that either party may be liable to pay is reduced to the lowest possible amount - all within the legislation available.

One such client contacted us recently as they were worried that they would be liable to pay CGT as a result of the transfer of assets during divorce proceedings, while the other party would not.

Once we had taken all of the information and worked through the required CGT computations, we were able to use our extensive experience and expertise to make sure that the correct treatment was followed for CGT purposes. Indeed, we found that our client would have a tax bill of over £50,000 while the other party had no tax liability to pay.

Our CGT Advisory Report enabled our client to then negotiate an equitable arrangement as part of the divorce, as the CGT liability had not been considered beforehand.

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