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The reviews provided by our clients show just how we can assist you with your tax matters, taking the stress away and being there every step of the way

We do everything for you, including filing returns and giving advice that may help to reduce the amount of tax that you owe.

Our guarantee to you - You will pay the lowest amount of tax possible, while complying with the law.

This is absolutely amazing news and I/we cannot thank you enough. Thanks once again for your invaluable assistance””

Mrs R - UK

Property Advice Case Study One

We were approached by Mrs R to represent her elderly parents in dealing with all aspects of Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of a family property. Mrs R was extremely worried as her parents suffered terribly from health issues which were severely affecting their ability to cope with the stress of the situation.

We took a proactive approach and ensured agreement with HMRC that client’s parents were “digitally excluded” due to ill health and disability, enabling us to file paper returns.

We then took full responsibility for preparing Capital Gains Tax computations and filing these with HMRC, as well as producing a detailed Advisory Report for the client to explain exactly why we took the views that we did, all backed by tax statue - which was also included in the Report for ease of reference for the client.

Initial views from clients were that they were facing a tax bill of over £11,000 each and this was reduced to just over £2,000 each, entirely within the statute governing Capital Gains Tax.

All Capital Gains Tax returns were filed within the 60 day limit and the client praised our professional yet caring and sensitive approach to her parents.

our client said:

"I was given very clear and helpful advice. The person who dealt with my queries was generous with his time and happy to go over things with me. The fees charged were totally affordable and all in all I can recommend the Tax Faculty for excellent service and value for money."