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The reviews provided by our clients show just how we can assist you with your tax matters, taking the stress away and being there every step of the way

We do everything for you, including filing returns and giving advice that may help to reduce the amount of tax that you owe.

Our guarantee to you - You will pay the lowest amount of tax possible, while complying with the law.

I had issues with HMRC and Charles' experience and knowledge of HMRC requirements was invaluable to achieve my desired outcome in a timely fashion

Mrs B - Kansas, USA

Non-UK Resident Case Study One

We were approached by a non-UK resident client who was in the process of selling a property in the UK that they had owned since the early 1990s. The client had purchased the property for £320,000 and had initially lived in the property for about five years while studying and working in the UK, before leaving the UK and renting out the property.

As the sale of the property approached, our client was concerned about the potential Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability that they may face, which they believed could be in excess of £450,000 given the high sale value of the property - being in excess of £2,000,000. Naturally, they were eager to find a way to minimise their tax liabilities.

We took the time during a free initial consultation to gather information from the client and get to know their individual circumstances, then reviewed the client's situation and conducted a thorough analysis of their tax affairs. Through our work and our extensive experience of the CGT legislation, we were able to identify and utilise various tax reliefs and exemptions to significantly reduce our client's CGT liability.

In the end, we were able to demonstrate to the client that their CGT liability was actually less than £25,000, a figure significantly lower than they had initially anticipated. Needless to say, our client was delighted with the outcome of our work and the amount of tax that they were able to save.

This case study is just one example of the kind of work we do at The Tax Faculty LLP. We pride ourselves on providing personalised tax advice and solutions to our clients, no matter how complex their situation may be. If you need help with your tax affairs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help you achieve your goals and minimise your tax liabilities.

our client said:

"I highly recommend Charles Tateson and The Tax Faculty LLP. Charles and his team:

* were always available (I am a 7-hour time zone difference from London)

* were always informed as to challenges, issues and regulations

* kept me informed with every step

* went the extra mile on every item and issue

* always rose to the occasion with a tight timeline

* were always personable, service-oriented, knowledgeable and reassuring

I had issues with HMRC and Charles' experience and knowledge of HMRC requirements was invaluable to achieve my desired outcome in a timely fashion"

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How We Work

Step One

We start with a completely free and confidential consultation. This can take place by way of a meeting (over the telephone, video meeting or in person) or by way of email. We get to know you, your circumstances and your requirements.

Step Two

We analyse your situation and your needs in order to identify how best we can assist you. This might involve filing tax returns on your behalf with HMRC, providing advice on reducing your tax liability now and in the future, or a combination of such work.

Step Three

Should you wish to engage us, we would provide you with a fixed fee quote for the work required to solve all of your tax worries. We then complete our work with the highest levels of professionalism, keeping you updated at every stage and taking the stress away.

Why Choose Us?

The Tax Faculty LLP
The Others
Specialist, Proactive
In-House Tax Team
Free Consultations & Calls
Fixed Fees
Aftercare Included

We prefer to get to know you and your circumstances during a free consultation so that we can identify how best to assist you.

Over £225 for 30 minutes on the telephone

You will have a dedicated Tax Faculty LLP Tax Specialist to assist you with everything that you need. No bots, no online forms. We prefer the human touch.

Reviews say that they were unhappy that they were sent to an external person who simply told them to fill in an online form with figures

We aren't just accountants - we're Tax Professionals with years of experience working for HMRC and working for clients like you. We provide advice to reduce tax bills and solve complex problems.

Service is limited to filing tax returns unless you pay more fees for additional consultations which work out at over £450 per hour.

Once we've identified how best to assist you, we provide a fixed fee quote to carry our the work on your behalf. You will be safe in the knowledge that you will never pay more than this fixed fee.

If more time or advice is needed, you pay more. This leads to unexpected and high fees being paid.

Each of our clients are provided with HMRC Fee Protection Insurance, meaning that if HMRC ask any questions, we respond on your behalf - with no added fees being charged to you.

If HMRC ask questions in relation to your tax affairs - guess what? That's right, you pay an added hourly fee for any replies to be written.

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