Code of Practice 9 Investigation Success

Today we look at a recent success for our Tax Investigation Team assisting a client with a Serious Fraud Investigation conducted by HMRC


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9/13/20233 min read

In the challenging realm of tax investigations, perseverance and expertise often spell the difference between a client facing extremely high levels of tax, interest and penalties at the end of an investigation, or a fair resolution being agreed. We recently celebrated a resounding success that showcases our commitment to clients and our extensive expertise in the field of tax investigations, in particular where HMRC are investigating under Code of Practice 9.

The Challenge:

When our client initially approached us, they were facing an incredibly daunting scenario. Under the watchful eye of HMRC, they were under investigation for serious tax fraud allegations under Code of Practice 9 ("COP9"). The scrutiny wasn't new; our client had been embroiled in this investigation for over eight long years. By the time they sought our expertise, HMRC had levied multiple assessments amounting to over £300,000 in combined tax, interest, and penalties.

Our Approach:

At The Tax Faculty LLP, we believe in a thorough approach to tax investigation assistance. Our first step was to dive deep into the heart of the matter. Over 8 years of correspondence, meeting transcripts, bank statements, and other crucial documents were meticulously reviewed and analysed. With every piece of evidence and documentation reviewed, we were building a robust, persuasive defence for our client.

With a comprehensive report in hand, we provided our views to the Reviewing Officer. Our report didn't merely present facts; it crafted a compelling narrative that argued for a reconsideration of the HMRC's original stance.

The Outcome:

Our persistence, combined with a deep understanding of tax laws and statute, paid off. The Reviewing Officer concurred with many of our contentions. Consequently, once staggering £300,000+ assessments were significantly reduced to under £30,000 - a testament to our efforts and expertise as well as the diligence of our client.

Why Our Experience Matters:

This success isn't just a one-off for us. It's reflective of our team's experience and ability when it comes to tax dispute resolution, led by our Managing Partner (Charles Tateson), whose previous role as a Grade 7 Senior Tax Professional within the Fraud Investigation Service of HMRC proved invaluable to our client's cause in this case. This perspective, combined with our extensive experience, allows us to navigate even the most complex of cases with precision and efficiency for our clients.

How can we help you?

At The Tax Faculty LLP, we pride ourselves on our expertise, experience, and ability to advocate for our clients' best interests. Facing an HMRC investigation can be an incredibly challenging experience, but with the right team by your side, positive outcomes are achievable. If you are navigating your way through the complexities of tax or if one of your clients requires further assistance with a tax investigation, trust in our proven track record and let us steer you towards a favourable resolution.

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